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Dignity shouldn't be a sacrifice.

We are a cell therapy company addressing the challenges of using living cells as therapeutics. Our mission is to bring life, agency, and dignity back to patients.

There are a lot of analogies with the computer and mobile device revolutions. Initially they were not available to everyone; they were really expensive. Then they rapidly got better and cheaper, and I think that’s what’s going to happen to these cell therapies.

Carl June from

Re-programming the immune system, so the right cells thrive.

T-cells are the primary driver of immune responses against cancers. CAR-T cell therapy has proven effective against hematological malignancies but has fallen short when targeting solid tumors. This is a result of the hostile tumor microenvironment (TME); a chemical and physical shell that drives growth and spread of heterogeneous tumor cells and induces exhaustion and escape from surveying immune cells. CAR-T can be programmed or armored to produce potent transgenic payloads that counter the TME and drive efficacy, but systemic expression of these payloads from rapidly replicating cells lead to toxicity.  With Chimera’s proprietary gene regulatory control system (the GOLD PLATFORM™) that primes CAR-T to conditionally and locally express payloads, we build therapeutics to safely clear tumors.


Above Image: Lindstein, Tullia, et al. “Regulation of Lymphokine Messenger RNA Stability by a Surface-Mediated T Cell Activation Pathway.” Science, vol. 244, no. 4902, 1989, pp. 339–343., doi:10.1126/science.2540528. 


We are control freaks.

In a good way. A really good way.

Attacking cancer using our activated immune cells have brought revolutionary benefit to patients. Cell therapies are complex living systems that interact and function within a living organism. However without robust control over where and how long they are active, this unrelenting gas pedal on our immune system drives potent toxicity and cell exhaustion. 

To be effective therapeutics these cells must respond to signaling inputs and produce outputs in a fine-tuned, regulated manner. Chimera’s proprietary GOLD Platform can be applied to any engineered cell therapy for the precise control needed for safety and efficacy. Control the brakes, control the system.

The company we keep.

Nothing great is achieved alone. We believe community is our superpower.


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