More control. 

Less toxicity.

The three main challenges limiting therapeutic efficacy against solid tumors are the tumor microenvironment (TME), tumor heterogeneity, and cell exhaustion. Our plan to address all three issues are as follows:


First, fine-tune CAR expression on T-cells in order to maintain potency when trafficking to the tumor without becoming exhausted as a result of ligand independent activation (“tonic signaling”)


Engineer T-cells to produce transgenes (“payloads”) that activate neighboring adaptive and innate immune cells, to create a multiplex immune response and avoid immune escape of heterogeneous tumor cells.


Engineer T-cells to produce payloads that resist immunosuppression and recondition the TME to drive anti-tumoral immunity.

Chimera's GOLD PLATFORM™ precisely controls gene expression in any cell therapy.


Expression of unique combinations of transgenic payloads that weaken the tumor microenvironment. 4 patent families, 6 issued patents, 2 allowed applications, 11 pending applications.


Optimizable protein or receptor expression levels to limit tonic signaling and mitigate T cell exhaustion. 2 patent families, 2 pending applications.


Programmable and conditional transgene payload expression with built-in regulatory control. 4 patent families, 6 issued patents, 2 allowed applications, 11 pending applications.


Highly optimized multicistronic vector design with efficient virus production and high transgene expression for simple, efficient manufacturing. 4 patent families, 1 allowed application, 4 pending applications.

Better and more effective as a whole

The data we have generated demonstrates how MERCURY    , therapeutic payload development, GOLD CONTROL     and an optimized transgene vector come together to create the most efficacious and safe way to break through the TME to treat solid tumors with CAR-T cell therapy.


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